The Order of the Blue Rose

The Order of the Blue Rose is a Lineage of Light that holds the Frequency of the Truly Awakened Heart. This Lineage is of the Holy Bloodline and was originated by Mary Magdalene as she carried forth the teachings of The Way. This lineage holds her most faithful followers who were devoted to bringing through the purity of the Christ Message, not by reciting teachings learned but through their embodiment as they have truly anchored these frequencies within their beings and lived as the Heart of God on Earth.

This is a process of becoming Fully Human through the Embodiment of One’s True Nature. A spiritual alignment that occurs within the Heart. As we become One Being, One Heart, One Will we transmit these energies through our own Immaculate Alignment and as Mary has said “are able to turn hearts to Good”.

It is time for those of us who hold these codes to step forward and to come together. You know if you do…your Heart will sing the Song of the Blue Rose…this Song doesn’t come in words as those of us who carry this frequency can at times be challenged by finding words to express it.  It comes through the Wholeness of our Soul, the Purity of our Heart and the knowing that we are the Heart of Love and that our Hearts can heal others simply by becoming a clear vessel and allowing The Presence of Love to move through us as we serve as an Anchor of Light here on Earth.

I say this with humbleness and the deepest respect and reverence as those of us who Walk The Way know this is not the easy path AND at the same time it is the only path we  Truly Know.

I am here to help you on this Path. As a Priestess of Avalon and an Initiated Member of the Order of the Blue Rose, I have walked The Way for as long as my Soul can Remember. For it is a Remembering, as you hold the Wisdom and Teachings of the Blue Rose within your Precious Heart and at the same time having a guide can help you to activate this remembrance in a space of ease and grace.

Mysteries of The Blue Rose Mentorship ~ One on One Mentorship Sessions

Together we will focus on:

  • Healing the Feminine Heart
  • Re Membering the Soul
  • Becoming a Vessel for the Christ Frequency
  • Calling in and Navigating Sacred Evolutionary Partnerships
  • Embodying the Mysteries of The Blue Rose

If your Soul hears the call please email me at for more information.

Welcome home Sister! I have been awaiting you. Let’s start our journey together! In the fullness of the Blue Rose that is Blooming within your Sacred Heart…it is time.

Many Blue Rose Blessings,

Michelle Sophia Morgana

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