Jade Egg Sessions and Classes:

As a Certified Jade Egg Teacher through The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, I am so honored to guide you on this journey of sexual healing and sexual reclamation.

The Jade Egg is an ancient Taoist practice and system that has recently emerged in the mainstream because of it’s unique ability to assist in sexual healing and sexual awakening in a practical and tangible way. The Jade Egg also has a mystical energetic component that supports a deep emotional connection to love, to your body and to your sexuality.

Jade egg individual sessions 60 minutes 
Small Classes (5 women maximum) also available

Who this work is for:

  • You’ve done the work. Moved through and processed past trauma yet still feel disconnected or dissociated from your body and your sexuality…you are ready to gently open this part of you back up and to connect to it in a whole new way that feels safe, loving and integrated.


  • You are experiencing numbness, loss of sensation, dryness or pain during sexual intimacy and long to restore sensation and pleasure to your sexual system…you are ready to reawaken sensation, pleasure and desire in a way that is in alignment with your authentic sexual expression.


  • You experience difficulty having orgasms and when you do they feel tense and constricted or you are experiencing no orgasms at all…you are ready to create new pathways of sexual pleasure and to open up your body and increase your sensitivity so that you experience orgasms that feel open, expansive, surrendered and deeply nourishing.


  • You find that you don’t always listen to your body which can lead to you saying yes when you really mean no. Over time this makes you feel disconnected from your partner and not fully present during sex…you are ready to trust your body and to really feel what a full yes feels like inside EVERY cell of your body so that you can feel safe and be fully present during your intimate experiences.


  • You feel self conscious in your body and feel you lack confidence in your sexuality…you are ready to love your body fully and to trust that your body will respond in a natural and authentic way that is sexy and empowering during your sexual experiences.

Benefits of the Jade Egg Practice:

  • Trains and strengthens the pelvic floor to support sexual health.
  • Sensitizes and activates the nervous system in the vagina to heal numbness and sexual shutdown and to increase sensitivity and pleasure.
  • Increases the body’s ability to open and surrender which leads to better orgasms.
  • Trains your body to experience orgasms.
  • Provides a safe environment and tangible practice to fully explore and awaken your authentic sexuality.
  • Releases trauma from any sexual abuse or negative body conditioning.
  • Removes shame, guilt, judgement and fear, which assists in integrating and releasing trauma and judgement and expressing pleasure and sensuality in an authentic way.
  • Creates a deeper love for and connection to your body.
  • Increases your energy which will awaken your sensitivity to sexual energy and to life force energy.

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