Blooming Rose Sessions:

The sessions are a combination of coaching and integration work and body based healing and energetic practices. My goal is to be your loving guide and to empower you to become your own healer and to learn the practices that can assist you in gently releasing trauma, conditioning and shame while reclaiming your authentic sexuality and developing a deep, integrated, embodied love for yourself in all ways. It takes courage to heal and integrate these aspects of ourselves. I assure you that this is truly a safe, loving and gentle process, tailored to your specific needs and desires.

Sessions are 60 minutes

Who is this works for:

  • You have been through years of therapy and processed your trauma intellectually, mentally and emotionally and yet still feel disconnected from your body, your sexuality, your pleasure…you long to feel truly connected to and deeply embodied in your sexuality and to experience pleasure and deep intimacy, but are unsure where to turn.


  • You feel like something must be wrong with you. You feel completely disconnected from your body’s sensations…maybe experiencing numbness or pain or having difficulty experiencing orgasms…which leads to feeling out of sync with your partner in intimate relationships…you yearn for deeper, more connected, more embodied sex…to surrender and relax into your orgasms and to experience the intimacy you know in your heart is possible.


  • You find yourself repeating the same unhealthy relationship patterns even though you have processed them intellectually and understand them fully and yet it still continues to show up in your physical reality in overt and even subtle ways…you yearn for a deeply loving, safe, supportive, intimate and healthy partnership that still seems to elude you.


  • You feel like there is this whole other way of having sex…you question the cultural norms, beliefs and practices around sexuality and feel in your heart there is this truly evolutionary and sacred way to experience sexuality in a sacred container that is filled with love, safety and trust…that encourages deep intimacy and true connection in a safe and loving environment.


  • You aren’t enjoying sex…you feel like you have to pretend your way through your sex life…putting on a show because it feels like something you have to do and that you should enjoy …but the truth is that you feel so disconnected from your body and your sensations that you just want most of your sexual experiences to be over with…you long for deep embodiment, a reclamation of your own sexuality, and fully owning your consent and sexual sovereignty so you can experience the pleasure and true connection of your own unique authentic expression of sexuality and choose to share that consciously with safe and worthy partners.
I really want you to hear this…I was were you are…truly, truly, truly…and I can assure you that it’s not your fault and that there is NOTHING wrong with you.  How you are feeling and what you are experiencing IS completely understandable…I get it and I know that there is a way to heal that is truly beyond what you think is possible right now…this IS my story and it can be yours too.

Together we will:

  • Create a profound sense of self love and self acceptance for yourself, your body and your sexuality so that you can truly feel safe and comfortable in your body and enjoy your sexuality in a deeper more connected and confident way.
  • Release trauma from abuse or negative body conditioning so that you can fully let go of shame and guilt and reclaim your innocent sexual nature that is your birthright.
  • Restore your nervous system to a place of calm so that you can experience more openness, ease, trust and surrender within your body, your sexuality and your relationships.
  • Reconnect to your sexuality and sensuality after childbirth, menopause, divorce, trauma recovery or other life transitions so that you feel comfortable, confident and safe in your body and are ready to experience healthy intimacy again or maybe the first time.
  • Create more health, vibrancy and vitality in your body by learning how to use your sexual energy as a healing tool so that you can finally improve challenging body and health issues that have been painful to you.
  • Experience your sexuality as sacred and as sovereign so that you can fully reclaim consent and learn how it feels in your body to be a full “yes” and to attract intimate relationships and sexual experiences that are deeply honoring, connecting, loving, safe and trustworthy.

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