About Michelle

I am michelle Christine…

My birth name means “Close to God, Feminine Christ” and couldn’t be more perfect for the Path my Soul has chosen to walk. 

I am the birther and keeper of Sacred Rose Temple: The Magdalene Path of Sacred Love. I help deeply spiritual women truly heal from the trauma of this world so they can feel safe to embody their Whole Divine Feminine Essence and embrace intimacy through Sacred Love, Sacred Relationships and Sacred Sexuality. 

This has been my journey which has been strongly guided by Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Isis. It is an initiatory pathway that is immaculately held by the Divine Mother’s Love, Compassion, Grace, Wisdom and Truth.  It is a path that humbly prepares us to become anchors of the Divine Feminine Christ Light here on Earth. 

To prepare my way for the work I offer, I have studied and graduated from The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with certifications in Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching, Tantric Sexuality, Female Sexuality and Jade Egg. I am also a certified Trauma Resolution Guide.  

In addition to my training, I am an initiated Priestess of Avalon through Awakening Avalon with Holly Rhiannon Morgana and I have dedicated my life to the path of the Sacred Feminine. I am a channel for the Angelic Realm and The Divine Mother. Through being an initiated member of The Order of the Blue Rose, I am devoted to The Way, a Path of Love through the Awakening of our Sacred Heart, taught by Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. 

Sacred Rose Temple is built on the foundation of all of these Beautiful and Sacred Teachings as they come together to create a unique expression of healing, integration, wholeness and holiness.

My wish is for us to embody our True Humanity,  the gnosis that we are Fully Human and Fully Divine and to live from this place truly seeing The Light in all things. Embracing our Sacred Human Bodies as the Vessels that anchor the higher frequencies of Love, Compassion, Wisdom and Truth here on Mother Earth. Creating as we are meant to create…in Love, Wisdom and Sacred Union. 

This is available to ALL of us and when we fully embrace this TRUTH we will see that the Kingdom is within us and all around us and that our Light has the capacity to assist others in their transformation and awakening process…truly creating Heaven on Earth through the purity of our own Sacred Hearts.

Praise for Michelle and her work

In our modern lifestyle where the energy of physical union and connection often gets wounded and distorted, Michelle's heart glows with a radiant gift of reclaiming sacred sexuality. This work is truly her unique gift that she has to offer to the world. The life force energy of sacred sexuality is the same energy that moves the stars. Whether you are looking to get back into your body, or really feel your body for the first time, Michelle is welcoming, kind, patient, and compassionate for whatever your body temple is experiencing. Your sexuality is about you and Michelle will be a blessed guide along your journey. <3
~ Elia

Michelle is a gentle soul, and I could feel her desire to want me to feel comfortable, and safe. During our sessions, she always checked in with me, this made me feel good, and cared for, and it helped me to ground deeply into myself, and into the pleasure without feeling self conscious.
I highly recommend Michelle, her teaching, knowledge, and guidance has helped me connect deeper to mySELF, my body, my lover, my pleasure, and support me in healing on a deeper level.
~ Lena

Michelle helped open a new doorway within me to communicate with parts of myself that have been repressed for so long. These parts held the wisdom that I truly needed to heal and to become whole. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart.
~ Maria

The realizations I uncovered with Michelle's gentle guidance changed my life! Because of my past, I had so much fear around sex. For me there was no pleasure in it...it was a duty and something that I avoided.  Through my work with Michelle, I moved through lots of fears, trauma, uncertainty and beliefs around lack of experience. I have attracted in a wonderful man and for the first time in my life I am enjoying sex! Michelle helped me to restore my hope...there is a better a way...sex can be different...it can be enjoyable...and there is so much more to discover! I am so, so grateful to Michelle...I feel like a miracle happened through the work we did together.
~ Kate

I am so grateful for Michelle and for the work that we have done together. She helped me bring into my consciousness the repressed parts of myself that needed healing and integration and then gently helped me call these lost traumatized pieces of myself back to wholeness. Through the process, Michelle helped me to understand how trauma works and also helped me to understand how the trauma I experienced was replaying in my relationships and my sexuality. Michelle's patience, compassion and professionalism really helped me to feel safe and held. Today I truly feel whole and am experiencing healthy and happy relationships for what feels like the first time in my life.
~ Jenny

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