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I want you to know…it truly is all going to be ok…it really is.

For me, there was I time when I didn’t feel this way…when even if someone told me that it was going to be ok, I probably wouldn’t have believed them….even though those were the words I longed to hear. This was a time in my life where I felt alone, disconnected, numb, isolated, unsafe, insecure, unworthy…honestly as if something was very wrong with me, yet I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was.

It was so hidden, that even after years of self exploration and personal development…I still couldn’t quite understand why I felt this way…like I was living in a body that was numb, shutdown, disconnected….not fully alive and open to life’s experiences…wanting to hide and even wanting to disappear at times.

I deeply desired to be in intimate relationships, yet intimacy and true connection would always elude me…choosing unavailable or abusive partners…these relationships always ended badly and my belief that “I was safer alone” was reinforced over and over again.

Yet, I longed for love.  I longed for deep connection. I longed for true intimacy.  I longed to feel the sacredness of relationship. I longed to feel safe, to heal and to be whole.

Maybe you have been here…maybe you have felt similar…maybe past experiences have caused you to create lots of protection from being hurt again too, yet at the same time so wanting connection, love and intimacy. Yearning to feel safe and deeply connected to your body, your heart, your sexuality, your partner…but unsure what path to take.

I understand as I have truly been there.

The healing journey I have been on is one of reclamation, of returning to innocence, of deeply healing my heart, my body and my sexuality so that I feel whole, safe and truly worthy of love.

A journey of truly releasing the trauma, guilt and shame from within my body so that I could allow pleasure, joy, love and peace back in and literally create a new energetic frequency within me that allows me to stay at this resting point.

These days, I truly feel alive, awake, open, and surrendered within my human body…held in this container of safety, trust and unconditional love. In this space so much opened up for me…in my life, in my relationships and in my sexual expression.

I so want this for you too and I want you to truly see that this is possible…to feel again…to experience pleasure again or even for the first time…to relax into your true sexual nature…to feel safe in your body…to trust again…to become natural and at ease with life…allowing it to flow with grace as the mystery unfolds in true perfection.

Many of us have experienced trauma, heavy social conditioning, religious shame and repression around our sexuality and as a survival mechanism have unconsciously shut our sexuality down or altered our sexual expression as a way of protecting ourselves and of keeping ourselves safe.  We received overt or unconscious messages that our sexuality isn’t ours and so many confusing messages around what it means to be a sexual being.

I am here to help you come out of that shut down state…to clear up any confusion…to reclaim your sexuality…to discover your authentic sexual expression…to awaken the innate life force within your body and to experience that it is actually this connection to our body that truly keeps us safe.

The safest place to be is fully anchored in our human body, as there is so much wisdom and guidance accessible to us from this deeply rooted space. From here we can reclaim our original erotic innocence and the true nature of sexuality…which is sacred, sovereign and holy.

I graduated from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality founded by Layla Martin, where I studied the most effective teachings of neurobiology, somatic therapy, trauma education and modern coaching blended with the ancient wisdom and powerful teachings of Taoism, Tantra, and Sacred Sexuality to bring you a truly powerful and integrated healing and awakening experience.

I have worked with women and teens with eating disorders for 20 years in the field of nutrition and coaching, helping women love, nourish and heal their bodies.  As I moved down this path, I saw how as women we have become so disconnected from our bodies, our sexuality and our emotions and how this was having a negative impact on our health and our relationships with ourselves, our partners and life in general. Without reconnecting to these deeply feminine parts of ourselves, wholeness and healing can seem elusive and unreachable. As I began focusing on these aspects…helping women to reclaim them, understand them and call these lost parts back to themselves…a natural state of love, compassion, acceptance and respect for themselves emerged.

I am very excited to bring this work to you.  I am deeply and profoundly in love with it and I am so grateful to be a conduit for this love, grace and healing wisdom.

My hope is that we are moving towards a world where we all feel truly safe in our bodies and we accept and love all aspects of ourselves unconditionally. A world where our emotions are respected as our innate guidance system and are valued, seen and heard. A world where our sexuality is seen as the beautiful gift it was created to be and encouraged to be expressed in loving, authentic ways that feel honoring and respectful. A world where our intimate relationships are a place we experience love, safety, trust, honor, authenticity and connection in their highest forms.

I would love to lead you into this world and for you to experience that this is not only truly possible, but it is our essential nature that is already within us, waiting patiently to awaken with ease and grace.

Love and Blessings!


Praise for Michelle and her work

In our modern lifestyle where the energy of physical union and connection often gets wounded and distorted, Michelle's heart glows with a radiant gift of reclaiming sacred sexuality. This work is truly her unique gift that she has to offer to the world. The life force energy of sacred sexuality is the same energy that moves the stars. Whether you are looking to get back into your body, or really feel your body for the first time, Michelle is welcoming, kind, patient, and compassionate for whatever your body temple is experiencing. Your sexuality is about you and Michelle will be a blessed guide along your journey. <3
~ Elia

Michelle is a gentle soul, and I could feel her desire to want me to feel comfortable, and safe. During our sessions, she always checked in with me, this made me feel good, and cared for, and it helped me to ground deeply into myself, and into the pleasure without feeling self conscious.
I highly recommend Michelle, her teaching, knowledge, and guidance has helped me connect deeper to mySELF, my body, my lover, my pleasure, and support me in healing on a deeper level.
~ Lena

Michelle helped open a new doorway within me to communicate with parts of myself that have been repressed for so long. These parts held the wisdom that I truly needed to heal and to become whole. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart.
~ Maria

The realizations I uncovered with Michelle's gentle guidance changed my life! Because of my past, I had so much fear around sex. For me there was no pleasure in it...it was a duty and something that I avoided.  Through my work with Michelle, I moved through lots of fears, trauma, uncertainty and beliefs around lack of experience. I have attracted in a wonderful man and for the first time in my life I am enjoying sex! Michelle helped me to restore my hope...there is a better a way...sex can be different...it can be enjoyable...and there is so much more to discover! I am so, so grateful to Michelle...I feel like a miracle happened through the work we did together.
~ Kate

I am so grateful for Michelle and for the work that we have done together. She helped me bring into my consciousness the repressed parts of myself that needed healing and integration and then gently helped me call these lost traumatized pieces of myself back to wholeness. Through the process, Michelle helped me to understand how trauma works and also helped me to understand how the trauma I experienced was replaying in my relationships and my sexuality. Michelle's patience, compassion and professionalism really helped me to feel safe and held. Today I truly feel whole and am experiencing healthy and happy relationships for what feels like the first time in my life.
~ Jenny

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